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The Carusele Difference

Influencer marketing works. But in an era of advanced digital targeting, the old method — hoping good influencer content gets to your best audience — was ripe for an update. Enter Carusele.

At Carusele, we track, test and score in real time each of the tens of thousands of pieces of content we produce each year. That allows us to find the best performing content and then syndicate it any number of ways to reach your highest value customers.

We’ll help you choose one of 4 different syndication strategies depending on your business objectives.

  • ReachBoost
  • ActionBoost
  • TrafficBoost
  • SalesBoost

Only Carusele can provide you with the Content Performance Index™, an algorithmic ranking of the performance of all your content. Plus, iStack™, our automated ranking of influencer performance in every campaign.

Even better, our Engaged Audience Profiles™ will not only assure you that your content is engaging your precise target audience, but they allow us to uncover even more prospects for your content.

Finally, with our advanced targeting of proven content, our campaigns drive better results, including measurable sales lift over and over.

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