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Award-Winning Influencer Company

Carusele is a top influencer marketing agency specializing in influencer campaigns that deliver guaranteed results for consumer brands and retailers.

Results-Driven Influencer Marketing

Our unique influencer marketing strategy leverages hand-picked content creators to develop authentic stories about your brand.  We then test each piece of content across the social web, using our proprietary Content Performance Index  to stack rank each piece. From there, we leverage a variety of paid and organic distribution methods to get the best performing content in front of your exact target audience.

It’s this unique approach to influencer marketing that lets us measure and deliver real business results like brand lift, web traffic, and even sales for our clients.

If you’ve been looking for an influencer marketing agency to help execute your campaigns, you’ve come to the right place.

Influencer Marketing Services Offered By Carusele

Full Service Influencer Marketing Agency

Full Service Campaigns

Our full-service campaigns come tied up in one pretty, little bow. With package level pricing, guaranteed results, an experienced influencer marketing team, and just two points of approval on your end, get all the benefits of our comprehensive campaign strategies with no heavy lifting on your end.

In-House Influencer Marketing Support

In-House Support

A la carte support options designed specifically to help in-house brand teams execute their own influencer marketing campaigns. Get the expertise that comes with running hundreds of influencer programs for brands across every industry, while benefitting from the cost savings of taking on some of the heavy lifting yourself.

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