Our Method

Traditional influencer marketing is broken. Things like spray and pray tactics, fake followers, opt-in programs, inadequate targeting, vanity metrics, and more, are all contributing to the problem and stifling the ability to measure meaningful results from influencer.

Carusele’s data-driven approach to influencer marketing is better…


Identifying High-quality Influencers & Top-Performing Content

We start every program by hand-selecting influencer partners leveraging our qStack™ rating system and manual vetting process of over eight different sets of criteria designed to keep your brand safe. Each influencer is then assigned their own unique assignment and ultimately approved to publish content across their designated channels.

Once the influencer’s content is live, we run each piece through our Content Performance Index™  to identify which assets are performing best at driving to your ultimate goal in real-time.


Implementing Strategic Audience Targeting

Using the top-performing influencer assets, our team begins to implement a strategic syndication strategy designed to reach additional target audience’s outside of the influencer’s organic following.

Our Engaged Audience Profiles™ allow us to see attributes of the engaged audiences who clicked on tracked links throughout a campaign and create custom Lookalike Audiences (which have proven to convert as much as 2x better than traditional targeting methods).


Optimizing Formats, Platforms, and Additional Assets Daily

Because we’re managing syndication directly from the influencer’s accounts (no, we don’t just hit the boost button or use the handshake tool), we’re able to run content on multiple platforms and re-format that content into units that are designed specifically to accomplish your campaign objective.

To reach your goals, our team monitors your program on a daily basis optimizing audiences, content types, and platforms to ensure performance stays high and continues to efficiently drive the best results.


Measuring Real Metrics and Delivering Real Business Results

Ask your influencer agency how they’re counting impressions. If they say the word “potential,” run the other way. We guarantee delivery of the actual number of true views influencer content received from your target audience, as well as other meaningful metrics that ladder up to your campaign objective. We can even guarantee specific volumes of web traffic.

Our ongoing programs are vastly more efficient than one-off campaigns, proving to increase efficiency by more than 50% for our clients. So… what are you waiting for? Learn more about our influencer marketing method by contacting our team below.



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