Influencer marketing is not only a relatively new strategy, but it’s one that’s constantly changing. To help marketers such as yourself, we’ve compiled some influencer marketing resources to help you along your decision-making journey. All are free, so we hope you enjoy!

Influencer Marketing Resources and Guides

What Is Carusele?

Find out how Carusele’s unique approach to influencer marketing can drive real, measurable business results for your business.

A Comprehensive Guide to Developing Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Push consumers further down the funnel with our latest white paper. You’ll not only learn what KPIs are best for your objective, but what optimizations should be made for a successful campaign.

25 Ways to Measure Influencer Marketing

Measuring your influencer marketing campaigns doesn’t have to be difficult. To help, we’ve outlined 25 concrete ways to determine the success of your efforts.

Influencer Marketing Checklist: 9 Steps for Influencer Marketing Success

Learn how to run a campaign that delivers the ROI you’re looking for and which steps are needed to ensure your campaign is successful.

The 4 Types of Social Media Influencers

Stop struggling to define the different subsets of social media influencers. Check out these 4 core categories of influencers and how they differ.

Influencer Marketing for Alcohol Brands

When it comes to implementing influencer campaigns for brands in highly regulated industries, such as the alcohol industry, there are many precautions that need to be taken to ensure you’re compliant with digital marketing guidelines.

9 Influencer Marketing Metrics to Impress Your C-Suite

Measuring the results of influencer marketing programs is certainly difficult, but it’s not impossible. Take this free, 1-hour training, conducted by Carusele President Jim Tobin, and dive into 9 metrics to choose from to impress your C Suite.

How To Determine Influencer Rates

One of the biggest mistakes with influencer marketing campaigns: the opening bid. Here’s how to propose an influencer rate that’s just right.

8 Things Marketers Need to Know Before Working With TikTok Creators

Partnering with TikTok creators is very different from traditional influencer marketing. Arm yourself with these insights to solidify your brand strategy.

The Ultimate Checklist for Vetting Influencer Partners

Identifying the right influencers to partner with can be daunting. Make vetting influencers easier with our ultimate checklist for influencer selection.

Elements of a Good Influencer Contract

We’re breaking down the three sections that every influencer contract should include and the key terms that must be covered in each.

Benchmarks for Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Stop guessing what your influencer marketing campaign benchmarks should be and check out this industry breakdown.


Vera Bradley Resources Page Feature Image

Learn how we partnered with Vera Bradley to create their first influencer marketing program designed to drive online sales through influencers, media targeting and real-time optimizations.

Sabra Influencer Marketing Award

Learn how Carusele and Sabra partnered together to implement an influencer marketing campaign that successfully reached a niche target audience in the New York DMA.

#MyWalgreensApp awards image for website

See how we realized a 37 percent lift in first launch app visitors with a comprehensive influencer marketing program for the Walgreens mobile app.

#HallmarkAtWalgreens awards image for website

A seven-flight ambassador influencer program for Hallmark at Walgreens saw a 4x increase in engagement rates and 47.7 years of cumulative attention!

#SayItWithPepsi awards image for website

This comprehensive influencer campaign for Pepsi Emoji bottles at Walgreens locations nationally resulted in more than 50K engagements and a 5x digital value equivalency.

Haagen-Dazs awards image for website

This campaign used carefully selected influencers and hyper-local targeting to realize an engagement rate of 400 percent more than the average.

#RedNose Day at Walgreens awards image for website

By mixing standard influencer marketing tactics with digital syndication and hyper-local newspaper editorial, this campaign generated an exciting community response for this important cause.

Revlon Mascara Mixology awards image for website

This influencer campaign utilized a clever creative hook to drive conversation, generating over 200% more sales than a benchmark promotion run previously.

#BeVacationReady with Wyndham awards image for website

With an ad recall rate that was a whopping 63% better than Facebook’s average benchmark and almost 9 million impressions, this campaign showed the audience exactly how to #BeVacationReady.

#CappTheNight Hills Bros. awards image for website

By creating content focused around enjoying awards season, this influencer activation generated 5x the digital value equivalency and a huge Share of Voice increase for our client.


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