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Thanks For Your Interest in Carusele

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Carusele and our unique influencer marketing approach. Before you dive into the deck, I wanted to tell you a bit about Carusele and how we’re different.

Most influencer marketing companies take a “spray-and-pray” approach, but after running over 200 programs, we know that’s not an efficient way to run these programs. We’ve found that 20-25% of influencer produced content outperforms the rest, and thus created a system that takes those high-performing assets and amplifies them to reach your exact target audience.

It’s this process that drives real, measurable business results for our clients.

Enjoy the presentation, and if there are any questions you have that aren’t addressed, please feel free to email me directly. Thanks again for your time and interest.

– Jim Tobin, President

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