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Would Millennial Influencers Call Yours A Good Brand?

Carusele On-Demand Webinar

Does your brand have what millennial influencers are looking for? Join Jim Tobin, CEO of Carusele, as he finds out what makes some of Carusele’s leading millennial influencers want to work with brands.

In this on-demand webinar, hear from Katie Manwaring of Katie’s Bliss, Amy Loochtan of Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins, Taylor Walker of Taylor Walker Fit and A Whimsy Wonderland’s Cortney Moore and Jenna Stocks about the following:

  • How much control a brand should exercise
  • How to develop good storylines that align with the influencers’ own brands
  • How they feel about brands re-using content after the campaign
  • What makes a brand difficult to work with – and the resulting content less successful.
  • What makes a brand great to work with
  • Whether they have ever refused to work with a brand and why

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