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Take your Twitter presence to the next level with a custom built strategy that will help you accelerate sales!


Get Proven Results with a Twitter Influencer Marketing Agency

In today’s competitive digital world, influencers significantly impact how customers interact and purchase from brands. You’re missing a lot if your company is not leveraging this marketing strategy. 


Our award-winning agency collaborates with established Twitter influencer marketing experts to help your brand engage more with potential clients, attracting increased leads and sales. When selecting collaborators, we rely on an extensive validation process and proven benchmark metrics. This allows us to work with individuals who deliver the best data-driven and measurable results.


Why Twitter Influencer Marketing Matters

Twitter is one of the most active social media platforms worldwide. According to the latest data, the network had at least 229 million active users as of April 2022. Here are essential Twitter stats:


  • Active Twitter users in the United States of America: At least 80.9 million
  • Active Twitter users in Japan: Approximately 59.8 million
  • Active Twitter users in India: At least 24.5 million
  • Active Twitter users in Brazil: About 20.0 million


Based on these numbers, Twitter has a great potential for brands looking to reach a large audience. Whether your brand is established or new in your industry niche, leveraging on this platform can help you achieve your marketing goals.


Partnering with a proven Twitter influencer marketing agency, like Carusele, is an excellent way to expose your products to a new audience. Want to attract more traffic to your business website? It’s best to rely on our cutting-edge marketing strategies for exceptional results.

Twitter Influencer Marketing That Gets Results

Our partnership selection program is thorough, ensuring we deliver high-quality services and satisfy our clients. We use various aspects to vet all collaborators before assigning designated channels.


Once we find the most qualified twitter influencer marketing experts, they start creating innovative content, and we monitor each post with our Content Performance Index™, which allows us to evaluate the best-performing content to drive desired results.


At Carusele, we factor in critical aspects from top-performing influencers to create a unique syndication technique. Our strategies have proved reliable in reaching more Twitter users who are unrelated to the organic influencer following.

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Get Measurable Results

With brands spending up to $808.4 million on Twitter advertising, companies and social media managers must focus on effective campaigns. Vanity metrics, inadequate re-targeting, opt-in programs, and fake followers won’t get you the best results.

At Curesele, we value actual views and use appropriate methods to ensure brands receive value for their money. Our experienced professionals use influencer content re-targeting and other proven metrics to help brands achieve their marketing objectives.


We stand out from the crowd because we use real-time data to measure each influencer’s results. We analyze content performance with world-class systems to create informed campaign strategies.


Experts at Carusele leverage authentic data to gain vital insights for live campaign optimization. We adjust essential metrics for ad units, audio targeting, or influencer content to ensure outstanding results.

We’re a Great Fit for You

Our agency Twitter influencer marketing works with many businesses to provide measurable results. We’ve helped small brands become award-winning enterprises by leveraging groundbreaking campaign techniques and tools in their Twitter influencer marketing campaigns. Some of the industries that have benefited from our top-notch services include:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Beauty and Lifestyle
  • Entertainment
  • Retailers and CPG


Are you looking to enhance web traffic, engagement, and sales while driving brand awareness? There’s no better way to achieve these than working with the Carusele agency Twitter influencer marketing professionals. We’re proud to provide unmatched services that drive more sales and ROI. Contact our experts today to discuss how our world-class twitter marketing campaigns can assist your brand.

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