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Take your Pinterest presence to the next level with a custom built influencer strategy tailored to your brand!


Engage Your Audience with a Proven Pinterest Influencer Marketing Agency

Traditional influencer marketing campaigns don’t have the innovation to leverage essential touch points and drive return on investment. At Carusele, we stand out from the crowd because we believe in innovative techniques. 


Our campaigns focus on critical matters, such as viewable impressions, audience attention, ad recall rate, qualified web traffic, e-commerce conversions, and sales lift. 


Our skilled team includes strategists, data geeks, and marketers who create memorable, effective, and targeted campaigns. We examine your needs to offer customized marketing solutions, allowing you to achieve your goals.


Why Pinterest Influencer Marketing Matters

Whether seeking product ideas, parenting hacks, recipes, or style inspiration, the Pinterest network is the go-to platform. It boasts over 433 million monthly users, with more than 70 million users located in the U.S. 


Pinterest is one of the best platforms for launching campaigns. Take advantage of the considerable opportunity by partnering with an established agency and Pinterest Influencer Marketing. At Carusele, we utilize real-time data to design effective campaigns. Our experts analyze real-time content performance and influencer audiences to develop personalized strategies.

Pinterest Influencer Marketing that Gets Results

Carusele uses the Stack™ rating system and manual vetting processes to ensure brand safety. Once we find the best influencers for your work, we assign them to post on specific channels. When the content goes live, we check the best performing aspects with Carusele’s Content Performance Index™ to drive ultimate results in real-time.


We identify engaged audience attributes with our influential Engaged Audience Profiles™ to develop custom Lookalike Audiences. Our technique has proved 2X better than conventional targeting strategies.

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Get Measurable Results

Great marketing campaigns are measurable. If you don’t have this in your Pinterest influencer marketing, your strategy could prove ineffective and costly. At Carusele, we understand this and evaluate your performance to ensure we’re moving according to your marketing goals.


Our Pinterest Influencer Marketing experts rely on proven data to analyze our client’s to understand specific needs. We assess different aspects of a client’s target audience, such as social behavior, gender, and demography.

We’re a Great Fit for You

We help clients in a wide range of industries to increase sales, web traffic, engagement, and drive awareness. Our extensive experience in various fields gives us an edge in handling clients from categories such as:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Beauty and Lifestyle
  • Entertainment
  • Retailers and CPG


Are you ready to start with a Pinterest influencer marketing agency that helps you meet your goals? We match your business with the best influencers and deliver real results. Contact us today for your influencer marketing needs.

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