Instagram Influencer Marketing Agency

Take your Instagram presence to the next level with a custom built strategy that will help you gain followers – and money!

instagram influencer marketing agency

Drive sales with Instagram Influencer Marketing

With Instagram being a top player in influencer marketing, an agency needs to strategically position itself to access potential prospects with influencers. Old school influencer marketing is long gone and today’s consumers understand what they want. Instagram influencer marketing is tried and true and it still can take a business or brand to the next level.

instagram influencer marketing agency

Why Instagram Influencer Marketing Matters

In the past three years, we’ve had a 1,500% increase in Google searches regarding influencer marketing. The realm of marketing has significantly improved with advancements around technology and measurement. Consumers are active on social media, seeking reliable information through reviews and comments before making a buying decision.

Instagram influencer marketing takes center stage because numbers do not lie. With a global influencer marketing value of $13.8 billion USD and a global influencer marketing platform size of $179 million USD, a brand can maximize profits using the right social media platform. Instagram remains the leading platform for influencer marketing, giving it an edge over other social media platforms.

Instagram Influencer Marketing That Gets Results

When it comes to Instagram agency influencer marketing, it is critical to have the appropriate company on board. Today’s consumer is well-informed and understands the value of top-performing content. They know the value of each penny spent and want to ensure that the influencers are highly-vetted and can deliver on expectations.

The Instagram influencer marketing company uses the top-performing influencers as an asset and ensures they reach audiences beyond the influencer’s organic following. They track the audiences that have clicked on the site, finding out what they were searching for to know how to attract attention. A good influencer agency should monitor the client’s program daily to update it to the consumer’s changing demands so they remain relevant in their niche.

instagram influencer marketing agency
instagram influencer marketing agency

Get Measurable Results

Instagram influencer marketing is the real deal when it comes to lead conversion and sales increment. All the same, gauging real metrics and delivering actual business results are all part of the game for any agency willing to take its marketing strategies a notch higher. An agency should provide numbers and avoid using fluff words like “potential” because they don’t provide measurable results.

Gone are the days of fluff metrics and brand exposure without real-world results. Brands also expect their influencer agency to count more than just impressions. They track an agency’s record to check on its performance and whether they increase its efficiency. By focusing on real metrics such as our proprietary qStack, iStack and cStack algorithms, we can show real results.

We’re a Great Fit for You

We are a brand that speaks by action and our outstanding reviews tell a lot about what we deliver. We have worked with many brands, including the United Soybean Board, Spoonflower, Michigan Apples, Luminarc,, Laura’s Lean, Homer, Hershey Barkthins, Welspun, Glow By Nature Made, Tyson TasteMakers, Mark Levinson Audio Systems, Britax, Hallmark Signature Paper Wonder, and so many more. Our clients typically renew for more of our influencer marketing work. Our end game ensures that clients create measurable results, enabling them to outshine their competitors and win industry awards.

Our extensive experience in various fields gives us an edge in handling clients from categories such as food and beverage, beauty and lifestyle, entertainment, retailers, and CPG while providing personalized services to meet their needs. We understand every customer is unique and there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to Instagram influencer marketing. Contact us for a comprehensive solution to Instagram influencer marketing and get sales moving up so you can enjoy improved ROI.

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