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Take your Facebook (META) presence to the next level with a custom built influencer strategy tailored to your brand!


Get Proven Results with Carusele Facebook Marketing Agency

Are you having difficulties reaching your target audience through Facebook (Meta)? Consider Facebook influencer marketing as a launchpad to accelerate organic growth on the platform. Facebook influencer marketing involves partnering with an influential Facebook user to help market your products or services to their audience.


How do you ensure you get the right Facebook influencer for your brand? At Carusele influencer marketing agency, we work in collaboration with you to understand the inner workings of your business and will match your brand with the right influencer to help you meet your goals.

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Why Facebook Influencer Marketing Matters

Facebook is one of the world’s largest and most popular online social networks. As of April 2022, Facebook has around 2.93 billion monthly active users. While it’s not as popular with some demographics as it once was, it’s still an ideal platform to market your products or services through influencer marketing. Carusele influencer marketing agency matches you with Facebook marketing influencers with highly engaged follower bases that partner with your brand.


An audience is more likely to trust a product recommended by an influencer than the brand itself. According to MediaKix, about 17% of businesses spent more than half of their advertising budget on influencers in 2019.


Facebook influencer marketing grows your brand through effective brand awareness building that ramps up social engagement and dramatically increases conversions.

Facebook Influencer Marketing that Gets Results

Some of the best Facebook (Meta) influencer marketing campaigns are carried out on Facebook due to the unique targeting features and user demographics available on the platform. It is important to have a tailored content strategy when it comes to the messaging and content on display for these campaigns to be successful.


Carusele influencer marketing agency delivers real results from your target audience by carefully selecting a relevant influencer that matches the audience you are trying to reach. We use engagement metrics to verify interest in key products and services our clients offer along with core performance-based KPI’s to measure various goals grounded in improving revenue.

instagram influencer marketing agency

Our Data-Driven Process

For accurate Facebook influencer marketing results, we follow a step-by-step process.


1. Influencer Selection

  • We identify Facebook influencers who match your brand and assign them content. We then track each piece of content so we can know the best performing message driving your ultimate goal.


2. Strategic Audience Targeting

  • By implementing a syndication strategy, we reach your target audience outside the influencer’s Facebook organic following. Doing so allows us to reach the engaged audience who clicked tracked links and those likely to convert.


3. Optimizing Content

  • We reformat content into powerful marketing assets that are designed to increase sales and leads. Our team monitors your campaigns by optimizing content formats and audiences to ensure high performance and the best results.


4. Real Metrics and Real Results

  • At Carusele agency Facebook influencer marketing, we guarantee delivery of the real metrics. We leverage engagement metrics to understand buyer intent and work to improve sales with campaign optimization. 

We’re a Great Fit for You

Carusele influencer marketing agency is an experienced, data-driven, and award-winning company always ready to help grow your brand. 


We’ve collaborated with some of the best brands around, driving influencer content on Facebook, as well as Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.


Our extensive experience in various fields gives us an edge in handling clients from categories such as:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Beauty and Lifestyle
  • Entertainment
  • Retailers and CPG


Are you ready to start with a Facebook influencer marketing agency that helps you meet your goals? We match your business with the best Facebook influencers and deliver real results. Contact us today for your Facebook influencer marketing needs.

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